Searching for car in the United States is not a difficult task.The offer is very wide, there are multiple dealers (or companies in the auto furniture) that sell new or used cars.On the other hand, it depends on the time that the country is visited, it is convenient to buy a new car, used or even rent it.In any case, except in some large cities, the need for vehicle is very high, since the distances are huge and public transport very limited and insufficient.

From a day to three months it is convenient for rent.The offer is varied and includes traditional companies and new Car Sharing services such as Zipcar or Turo, where cars can be rented for hours.

From three months, it is convenient to buy car.Cars in the United States are cheap, ß can be achieved in good condition from about $ 4,000 and some semi-new ones for less than $ 10,000.

In case of deciding on a second -hand car, it is convenient to take a look at The Kelley Blue Book, since this website contains information about the standard prices of each car model, so, before buying a used or new car, it can be verified that the fair price is being paid.

In addition you always have to ask for the Carfax of the vehicle. Carfax is a company that keeps all the details of the history of the vehicle, from accidents, to ordinary repairs and reviews. In general, sellers offer it free of charge as a form of validation of their sales, but it is also possible to get it on the website itself, for a small price. It is very useful to avoid ‘buying a lemon’, which is how cars that have had problems are known and that do not reflect the real price.

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