Salaries in the United States are usually higher than in many European cities, such as Madrid, Rome or Lisbon.In addition, the cost of life is usually equal to these cities or even cheaper, except in the case of San Francisco or New York, where the cost of life is higher.

For its part, in the USA education is highly valued, not only when finding a good job, but this assessment is reflected in salaries.

In this way, the estimated average salaries according to the level of studies, can be reflected is the following table:

Studies level Salary at $
Vocational studies Between $ 40,000 and $ 70,000.
Grade races (Bachelor Degrees) Between $ 50,000 and $ 85,000.
Masters Between $ 65,500 and $ 117,000
Doctorate (phd) Between $ 90,500 and $ 149,000

Foreign people who study in the United States obtain after their studies a period of permission to legally work like any other American.This permission is called OPT (Optional Practical Training).The period of employment permit time varies depending on the type of studies.In this sense, the maximum employment permit period in the USA after the studies carried out is 18 months.

Once the OPT is finished and expired, if the company decides to bet on the employee, it will be able to sponsor him to obtain an H1 visa that will allow him to remain in the country and work for 3 more years.

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