American universities do not usually admit to all students who request Plaza, but select those candidates who best fit their standards or requirements.The most complicated case is that of Harvard University, which, in 2011, only 7% of the 35,000 students who requested a place, managed to be accepted.

For this reason, it is not advisable to request admission in just one or two universities. Choosing at least between five and ten American universities is the best strategy to ensure place in some American university.

The time factor is key in this admission application process, since it is recommended to start filling and collect documents at least one year in advance.

The documents to be filled are a lot since American universities so require when it comes to foreign students.

The required documents, in general, by most universities, and must be sent as a limit month before December, are:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Non -refundable admission application rates
  • Summarizes
  • GRE and/or GMM for grade and SAT or ACT students for undergraduate students
  • Translation of academic notes by international organizations
  • Official academic certifications (not copies)
  • Recommendation letters
  • Financial Responsibility Certificates

One of the critical documents on which universities base their decision to accept or not possible students, is the so -called “Statement of Purpose” or letter of purpose. In this letter, the applicant explains the reasons that lead him to choose the program for which he requests a place and why he may be more qualified than other applicants who compete for the square.

In this case it is important to highlight how the student’s profile fits the program for which he is applying.Thus, universities will not only review that it motivated the applicant to opt for that program, but also why he decided on that particular university. They will also take into account background or professional life and education, as well as personal matters that make it decide for this study program.

Once the first document (Statement of Purpose) has been reviewed, the coach will go to the CV or summarize to evaluate the adaptation of the candidate with the study program. One is the aspects that will highlight a CV over the rest, is the format.

They summarize them in the United States have little to do with Europeans, even many are scandalized when they see photography or age in the CV. So it is convenient to adapt and create an American type summary.Learn more about it in this article.

Likewise, language and grammar must be perfect, because the market is so competitive, they will not summarize with spelling fouls or spelling errors. Commonly obviate the language factor of a foreign applicant even if their native language is not English. Since they consider the first representation of what the student will be in the future.

Another requirement to be accepted is to have a good level of English, so that most universities requires a score greater than 70 in the TOEFL.Other exams that have to be presented are also, in the case of applying to master or doctorate studies, the GRE and/or GMM, complicated exams that were designed for Americans, but that foreign students must also obtain.

Regarding the case of undergraduate university career studies, applicants must submit and examine the SAT.

To all these requirements, there is also the complication that virtually no university accepts students with an average of less than 2 in their previous studies.

Finally, once accepted, the student can apply to obtain the visa in order to legally enter the United States.This is another tedious process that consumes time and energy.

As you can see, entering an American university is not easy, it is a process that entails research and paperwork.Choosing the university and the appropriate program becomes something essential for a good come, because the job post and the salary received will depend on this.

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