The United States offers a wide variety of curricula.And, the United States is characterized by its specialization.This is one of the reasons that has led to this country to be the world’s first economic power.For this reason, there are not only several fields of study in universities, but also super specializations within each of the fields of study.

On the other hand, the very different names of the study programs that, sometimes, are not similar to the Spanish or European university degrees, complicate the choice of a program appropriate to each profile.

However, thanks to the fact that specialization and education are so valued in this country, for people with the highest educational and specialization level, salary expectations are higher.

Among the different university and non-university degrees, we find:

Vocational studies

  • Associate’s Degrees
  • Certificates

Undergraduate programs (undergraduate)

  • B.A.(Bachelor of Arts
  • B.S.(Bachelor of Science)

Graduate programs (Graduate Studies)

  • Certificates
  • M.A. (Master of Arts)
  • M.S. (Master of Science)
  • Phd (Doctor in Phylosophy)

On the other hand, once the type of studies or career (such as Associate Degree, PHD or Master) is selected, which is convenient to study, it is decisive to choose the study area of interest and finally, the concentration.

As for the study area, it refers to the field of study.Such as: psychology and social sciences, legal professions, health and medicine or business. As for concentration, it refers to the specialty.For example, within the “Business” area, we find concentrations such as E-Commerce, Finance, General Business or Human Resources. As you can see, it is a competitive labor market, where the title is the key to success and also salary.

So choosing the appropriate program becomes something of vital importance.To achieve the most appropriate choice, the objective must be raised after the end of the studies (such as working in the USA or returning to Europe).

American recruiters or employers value mainly three points when selecting their employees: the university where he studied, the notes obtained and the level of studies he reached.

For this reason, it is essential to choose both studies and university program properly.Since according to the selected university, employment opportunities will vary.

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