Study in the United States is a high cost, as it has added value, salary expectations.And it actually works as a long -term investment, the level of studies defines salary and type of employment that people can opt in the United States.In any case, the greatest obstacle to emigrating and starting studies in the United States is the financing method, since the foreign student is required that not only university costs can be financed, but also the expenses of accommodation and maintenance for at least oneanus.In this sense, the scholarships become the best option to be able to pay for all expenses.

Below we offer a list of aid to conduct studies in the United States:

La Caixa Scholarships

La Caixa offers scholarships to carry out postgraduate studies (master or doctorate) in the United States.

La Caixa Foundation Scholarship


  • Spanish nationality
  • Having finished a degree or higher title.
  • Demonstible English knowledge through one of the following exams: TOEFL (Minimum 95 score on the Internet Based and 110 for those who request a place in an MBA).CERTIFY IN ADVANCED ENGLISH AND PROFICENCY In case of requesting a place in an MBA.IELTS with a minimum score of 7 and 8 in case of requesting a place in an MBA.
  • Demonstible work experience of at least 2 years in the case of requesting a place in an MBA.


  • Round-trip ticket
  • Registration at the Study Center
  • Monthly economic endowment of $ 2150 and also an initial endowment of $ 2150 for initial expenses.
  • Costs of five admission requests
  • Costs of obtaining visa (Fee sevis, etc.)
  • Academic Orientation Course
  • Health insurance

Fulbright scholarships

The Fulbright scholarships are the most prestigious worldwide.These types of scholarships are accessible to people without superior degree, higher graduates, officials and doctors.So the Fulbright commission offers, both scholarships with economic endowment to study in the United States, and work scholarships or travel bags for a stay abroad for a short period of time.

For more information about the different scholarships, requirements, and benefits that offer, please go to your website:

Becas Fulbright

Scholarships Ramón Areces Foundation

The Ramón Areces Foundation offers a series of scholarships to carry out postgraduate and postdoctoral studies in the United States.In the case of postgraduate study scholarships, scholarships are only offered for studies in social science areas (such as economy).As for postdoctoral scholarships, these are related to areas of study related to life and subject sciences (biomedicine, chemistry, physics and mathematics, climate change and sea sciences).

For more information about the requirements and economic endowments in the different scholarships, you can go to your website:

Ramon Areces Foundation

Scholarships of the Rafael del Pino Foundation

Rafael del Pino Scholarships


  • Having finished a university career of degree or bachelor’s degree.
  • MBA studies applicants must demonstrate that they have the professional experience required by destination universities.
  • Spanish nationality
  • The fellow cannot be simultaneously beneficiary of another scholarship or help.
  • Be in possession of the official toefl exam


  • Registration in the center where it has been admitted
  • Plane round ticket
  • 22,000 euros for support expenses distributed in 12 monthly payments
  • Sickness and accident insurance

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