Applying to an American university can be a great headache.The documents to be delivered are infinite, and the time to get them too.In addition, some of the documents are not usually used in Europe, such as the GRE or GMM, which means even more confusion and frustration when requesting a place and being able to study at a university in the United States.

Therefore it is necessary to take into account several aspects:

  1. Financing

Financing to pay for university and the expenses of accommodation and maintenance in the United States becomes the greatest impediment, since the costs of studying in American universities are quite high.Thus, the price of a master in the United States is usually about $ 40,000 on average.As for doctorates, we find even higher prices, in this way, around $ 88,000. Numerous are the banks that offer loans with low interest and a repayment period.This allows studying abroad and in turn, completing payments in comfortable deadlines and after a period of up to two years without paying capital.Some students find in the banks the solution to their difficulties.

Others, however, opt for more economical and beneficial solutions in the long term.This is the case of scholarships that in most cases provide the student with a monthly salary, plane tickets and the cost of studies.

  1. Choose Studies and University Program

Once the most appropriate financing method is chosen to each case, choose which program study and the university, as well as complete all the documents and requirements required by the different universities, it becomes the next big step.

  1. Student acceptance at university

On the other hand, at the time the student is accepted by a university, the University sends documents to be completed to start with the Visa F1 application process.Thanks to this visa, international students, they obtain, after their studies, a period of permission to legally work in the United States like any other American.This permission is called Opt (optional practical training).The period of employment permit time varies depending on the type of studies.In this sense, the maximum period of employment permit in the United States is 18 months.

Once the OPT is finished and expired, if the company decides to bet on the employee, it will be able to sponsor him to obtain an H1 visa that will allow him to remain in the country and work for 3 more years.

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