Depending on the time you want to be in the United States and what you are going to do there, it is very possible that you need some of the different types of visas.

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The different types of visas are called with letters and the subtypes adding numbers, for example, H-1, A-2, EB-5, etc. and there are at least more than 10 different types, each with their rights and obligations. The visa will be a role that will hit your passport, with independent validity dates to the validity of the passport itself. It may happen that you have the visa in a expired passport, you will have to keep it in any case.

As a general idea, The more time and more rights gives a visa, the more difficult it is to be achieved. Therefore, the first question to be asked is How long do I want to be and what do I want to do in the United States?

There are three large types of visas:

  • Tourism. Certain countries are exempt from visa for stays of less than 90 days through the ESA program. If the requirements are not met, it is necessary to obtain visa B.

  • Studies. They are visas F, M and J. Allow to reside during studies and under certain conditions, they also allow working for some time.

  • Work. There are various types depending on the personal and company situation, but in general, they are difficult to achieve if it is not properly planned. In this category is visa H, O, L or E.

All of them are considered non-immigrant visas, since they are designed for people who, in principle, will be a time in the country (even years) and do not intend to emigrate permanently. The name is not very lucky, since many are actually considered emigrants. bThe only immigrant visa is the green card.

The green card is the only form (together with citizens) to be able to reside in the country indefinitely and with all rights.It can be obtained by family (for example, marriage with someone who has it or citizen), lottery (the diversity program) or work, in this case, requesting it with the help of a specialist lawyer.

To help you decide which is the visa that best suits your situation, I made a scheme that covers the main categories and requirements.

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